Another Two Week Session Comes to a Close!

Our students have finished up another two-week session this past week! In review, the first two weeks they had classes related to the themes First Aid and Global Pen Pals! This past two-week session was related to the themes CPR and Deaf Culture.elow are some Highlights from both sessions. 

Students really enjoyed the final debate! After doing research they forme their thoughts about various techniques in regaurds to Deaf Education. It was a heated deabte but in the end the Clerc side one rooting thier final argument in the ethics they have learned from the Word of God! 


Teal has been working hard along with the Jr High and High Schoolers to finish the first few episodes of Academy TV. They are mixing music, making sets, and learning the new video editing software they received this semester! 

Students finished up their final medical improv class with an improve off between groups! In this class, students learned key medical terminology to use in an emergency situation and they learned various techniques they can utilize to learn vocabulary of any subject they are interested! 

Students have learned the steps of CPR as well as how heart rates are calculated. They have made their own heart pumps to see how compression and decompression moves blood in and out of the heart. They also experienced aspects of volume. 

In Bible, the students have been learning about feasts/holidays from the Bible related to God’s faithfulness.  The students had the chance in class to present a new holiday or edit a current one.  They seemed to really enjoy developing a testimony to God’s faithfulness based upon their knowledge of Scripture.  I was blessed to listen to them testify about the way God has been, and is, revealing himself to them.


This is a quick reminder that homework is not mandatory. Students receive incentives for finishing homework such as points and special privileges in classes but they do not lose points of any kind for not doing homework. Students will receive assignments in all of their classes as supplemental opportunities for practicing what they are learning. 


If you are wanting to check in and see what our students are learning each day in their classes go to Canvas to see daily objectives and assignments! 

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Finally, make sure to check out Dojo for daily pictures and updates on what is happening in the classroom! 

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