Another Quarter Ends!

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     It is always this time of year that I really start to get emotional as I observe the ways each student has grown over the year. On Friday, I began highlighting some of the achievements of individual students in the classroom. Unprompted, the students began to frantically raise their hands to point out ways they had seen other individuals grow as well. None of them talked about themselves. Instead, they enthusiastically spoke about specific and genuine ways they had observed their classmates improve and achieve! The Lord’s spirit moved among us as you could feel and see the unity and love for one another fill the classroom. Though they have all achieved so much, the greatest highlight is the bond that has grown among these students.

Exploring Kirigami 

     As the people of God, we must be critical thinkers able to navigate the abundance of information that exists in our world and filter it through His Word. Our students are taught that they must not be passive learners simply banking information; they learn how to seek out knowledge for themselves and formulate their own thoughts and opinions. By doing this, students are given the key to unlocking any knowledge they seek. Exploratory Hour gives them the opportunity to practice teaching themselves so they develop as autodidacts. 

    Exploratory Hour is a favorite among the students! Recently in Exploratory Hour, students were given various channels to explore Japanese art. By exploring these resources students taught themselves the art of cutting and folding paper known as Kirigami. Their final results are the diamonds and hyperbolic parabolas displayed here.

Survival Skills 

     During the final class for Survival Skills, the students competed between classes to implement the skills they learned! Students were shipwrecked and had to build a shelter using the lashing technique, set up water filtration, and make smoke before the storm hit! Teal class dominated meeting all of the objectives in time! 

Academy TV

     Each Wednesday, the students have Academy TV class. The students are learning script writing, music composition, videography, and editing as they develop various segments for their Academy TV class. In the picture below, Emmeline is filming, Aunika is assistant producing, and Elijah is hosting an interview with these two ridiculously cute kindergarteners! 


Game Science 

       The students in Game Science Class learned how to calculate percentages and how to utilize stats to make strategic decisions. They experimented with how close their soccer shot percentage was to Lionel Messi; they explored which instrument in Paper, Rock, Scissors is most effective as they played in a tournament, they participated in a scavenger hunt where higher points were given to objectives that had lower odds, and they took a survival skills quiz where they utilized formulas in Google Sheets to determine percentages.

Mr. Ownby was the Instructor of this course and he wrote, "From start to finish the students were laughing, eagerly attempting to answer questions, competing in the games they played, and appreciative of their opportunity to learn.  So many students were sincerely thanking me for this course.  I was happy to make these valuable lessons practical for them.  When I was in school, this type of content was presented to me as numbers that made no sense to me outside of the worksheets we viewed them on. Our students got to receive this content in a such a way that will allow them to retain the information and practically apply it throughout their lives."

Game Creation 

     Students utilized the strategizing skills they learned from Mr. Ownby along with design skills from Mr. Nava to design their own boardgames!