Culture and Music Collide!

Class Highlights! 


One of the students highlights this week was cake decorating for Exploratory hour! Ezrah has been learning cake decorating techniques with a local cake decorator. She showed students different tools and technique to explore as they made their own cakes. Students loved it! And of course, they had to bury their faces in the cakes in the end!  


Students love Parkour Class! They practiced how to maintain control while increasing forward motion. They shared a lot of laughs at one another and excitement as they slowly got better at the various skills!

New Class Descriptions! 

Language Arts:

Theme: Musical Productions

Course: Lyrical Content

Discipline: Language Arts - Reading

Main Manipulative: iPad, Keyboard

Teacher: Mrs. Hartnell

Description: Students will read and analyze several famous poems with the intention of understanding figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings.  Students will be able to: 1. Interpret figures of speech (e.g., personification) in context. 2. Use the relationship between particular words (e.g., cause/effect, part/whole, item/category) to better understand each of the words. 3. Distinguish among the connotations (associations) of words with similar denotations (definitions) (e.g., stingy, scrimping, economical, unwasteful, thrifty). Multiple Intelligences used: Linguistic, Natural, and Kinesthetic. Created from common core national standards (

Theme: Bible 

Course:  Essay Master 

Discipline: Language Arts - Writing and Grammar

Main Manipulative: iPad, Keyboard

Teacher: Mrs. Hartnell 

Description: In this class, students will be reviewing writing the framework for a paragraph and short essay as they complete their final paper for Bible Class. Students will be reviewing how to write a topic sentence, use evidence from the text to support an argument, create an outline, and polish off a well-written conclusion paragraph. They will have the opportunity to work through the mechanics of their paper in Language Arts so they can focus on the content of their papers in Bible Class. 


 Creative Arts:

Theme: Musical Productions

Course: Cutting Room Floor

Discipline: Creative Arts: Media Arts  

Main Manipulative: iPad 

Teacher: Mr. Olson  

Description: The Cutting Room Floor is a class all about editing and refining work. Students will start by evaluating a clip created by another artist and from it develop specific criteria as individuals or in groups to assess and critique video. With this new criteria students will Change, edit, or revise their videos after a critique, articulating reasons for their changes. Multiple Intelligence used: Visual/Spatial, Natural, Musical. 

Theme: Musical Productions

Course: Parkour Performance

Discipline: Creative Arts: Physical Education

Main Manipulative: Body

Teacher: Mr. Nava

Description: In this course, students will learn the art of Parkour. Parkour can be defined as the practice of moving logically and creatively through a setting to get from a start point to an end point as quickly as possible. This involves physically overcoming barriers on any given route, creating inventive but practical ways in which from get from A to B as efficiently as possible. Students will practice basic parkour techniques of 1) Balancing 2) Running 3) Jumping 4) Dropping and Landing 5) Climbing 6) Vaulting. Multiple Intelligence Used: Kinesthetic, Spatial, Logical. 

Theme: Cultural Exploration

Course: Ancient Kites 

Discipline: Creative Arts: Applied Arts  

Main Manipulative:   

Teacher: Mr. Nava

Description: This course will walk students through the building of ancient Bejing flying kites. In the early Chinese Dynasties, stories describe sailors being tied to kites and flown high from the ship's mast. If the kites didn’t soar, then it wasn’t a good time to make the seafaring journey. Over time flying kites became more important than the signaling of approaching caravans or foretelling good traveling over water, they became cultural art forms. As kites became more elaborate with multiple parts, long tails, and a lot of colors, kite art and flying became a popular Chinese pastime. Students will look at the different kinds of Chinese designs such as centipede, butterfly, hard-winged, and the flat kite and create a kite based on their chosen ancient design. Students will learn skills in developing 1) artistic elaboration, 2) refinement strategies and 3) self-analysis and evaluation technique. 



Theme: Musical Productions

Course: Musical Math

Discipline: STEM - Mathematics

Main Manipulative: iPad  

Teacher: Mr. Munoz

Description: Students will analyze the timing of music by dividing and multiplying fractions of musical measures. Students will be introduced to basic music theory terms and exercise mathematical skills necessary for beginning musical theory.  Students will 1) Multiply fractions of various values. 2) Divide fractions of various values 3) Identify the basic symbols and parts of musical notation. Multiple Intelligence used: musical, logical-mathematical.

Theme: Cultural Exploration

Course: Cultural Diffusion

Discipline: STEM - Technology

Main Manipulative: iPad

Teacher: Mr. Davis

Description: In this technology course students will utilize satellite imagery to retrace and report on the diffusion of a targeted culture. Students will learn the basics of Google Earth in order to generate a report on the topographical features, calculated route distances, and geographical coordinates of a given culture’s diffusion route. Multiple Intelligences used: Spatial, and Logical/Mathematical Intelligence.