Field Trip and Forest Exploration Fun!

Field Trip Recap

The students loved the adventure science center! They were so excited to see that many of the exhibits were related to subjects they have been learning in class!

The students have been learning rates, ratios, and fractions this year. One particular exhibit gave students the opportunity to test and play around with these concepts. A few areas even allowed them to test the hertz and frequencies of various sounds which they have been learning about in Mr. Nava's musical instrument-making class. 

The students spent a session learning to program mini robots to follow a series of commands to complete various goals. Many of the students loved being able to apply some of the skills they learned from computer programming class with Mr. Cameron. 

Students experienced zero gravity on the moonwalk! 

The students explored several exhibits related to the anatomy of the brain, bloodstream. bones, digestive system, and immune system. These were fun opportunities to explore concepts they have already learned in Anatomy classes with Mr. Munoz! 

The field trip allowed the students to apply many things they have learned while having fun and exploring with their friends!

Class of the Week Highlight

In Fraction of the Forest Class, students are putting the skills they have learned to the test as they compete to create the best design for a parking lot in the forest behind the school. They are choosing the area and mapping out the design to submit as an option for a new parking lot. If their design is accepted, they get a real parking lot named after them!