Good Moments!

I thought it'd be fun for this blog update to just include some highlight photos from the last couple weeks. Enjoy! 

Our goals for the semester!

Hello Parents,

Its been a fun semester so far. I wanted to share with you our semester goals and some hopes that you students shared with me at the beginning of the semester...

1) Personal Responsibility
Mrs. Moore and myself agreed that the focus students really need to improve in making sure they are working on taking care of their own personal things as well as being aware of things like their schedule and homework. Objectively we have created a chart in the classroom that every student gets assessed by the end of the day. 3 areas are considered, 1. personal responsibility 2. transitions from class to class 3) and, doing the class chores. 

2) Semester Hopes
I was really happy to hear that the students had hopes in the areas of music and healthcare (those are two things I really can help them with). 

Justice, Kiah, and Moriah all agreed they want to learn more about healthcare and how to help the sick from first aid to mental health. I was so happy to hear them expressing such care for those that are in need of care.

Diego, Johnny, and Asher all expressed a desire to grow in the area of their music skills. They all agreed its important and want to focus on those classes and even receive more attention for things like piano and guitar. 

All in all, Im really excited for where this semester is going and the growth Im seeing in each of these Focus A students! 

Check back soon for another post! 

These girls really love each other. They even dress alike on accident. Fun times.

 The kids are watching their teachers from a dance competition a couple years ago. Of course, they are inspired!

The kids are watching their teachers from a dance competition a couple years ago. Of course, they are inspired!

Spring Semester 2017

Greetings Focus A Parents! 

We are underway with our normal schedule and I wanted to make sure you had your child's schedule. Included in the schedule is a list of teachers for each class and their email addresses. If you ever have a question about a specific class, feel free to email the teacher and copy me on as I am co-teaching these classes as well.

Focus A Spring Schedule 2017

Week 13 Themes Review

We are really doing well with the end of the semester just around the corner. Students are getting along great and make a lot of connections in there classes. We had the best time in the garden just this past Friday and had to acknowledge the presence of the Lord evidenced in the hard work, unity, and peace among students and teachers. This week is going just as well! 

Review Week
This week are reviewing the themes from the past three weeks:
1) Build One Another Up! - "Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear." Ephesians 4:29
2) Equality - "He created them male and female, and blessed them, calling them all human      
   beings." Genesis 5:2
3) Spirituality - "Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness." Matthew 6:33

Day off - Parent Teacher Conferences
Don't forget Tuesday, Nov 8th students have the day off for parent teachers conferences.

Field Trip - Permission Forms
Next Thursday we will be heading to "Green Door Gourmet" Please check your email for more info and get in those permission slips.

Thanks and have a great week! 

Mr. Muñoz



Week 12 - Seeking the Kingdom of God

This week our theme is Spirituality! The verse we will be studying is Matthew 6:33 "Strive first for the Kingdom of God and his righteousness". 

 Mr. Davis teaching in Chapel about truth, righteousness, and bringing peace with the armor of God (Ephesians 6)

Mr. Davis teaching in Chapel about truth, righteousness, and bringing peace with the armor of God (Ephesians 6)


Conversations have been good in our class this week in talking about how to practice spirituality through prayer, praise & worship, reading the Word, and service to others. Please take time to talk to your students about it. Things you could ask your students about this week:

  • How can you get more spiritually strong?
  • What is the kingdom of God like?
  • What is righteousness?


We have reminded the students this week about the formal wear dress codes. They did a really good job after being reminded yesterday. If you have any questions about that dress code, let me know.

Thank you very much parents! 

Mr. Munoz
615.525.7573 (mobile)

Week 7 - Working Hard

This weeks theme is on the ethic of working hard

"By working hard we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'" Acts 20:35 

We will be discussing ways they can practically work harder and at school and at home. Take time to ask your students about these specifics.  

We also looking at stories in the life of Jesus where he worked hard for those that really needed his help.

Have a great week!  

Mr. Munoz


Week 5 - Sabbath

Law #4 "Rest when it’s time to rest and take time to enjoy your family and friends." Exodus 20:8

This week's lesson is a special because it really involves YOUR family. We are stressing the importance of Sabbath this week by giving the student opportunities consider that rest means remembering the Lord by enjoying your family and friends. If you get a chance ask them about what they have been learning about Sabbath at school, and think of some ways to make a day of rest special with your family and the Lord this week. 

Week 4 - Representing God

This past weeks theme was "Representing God" based on the scripture Exodus 20:7, "Remember you are God's children and you represent him to others: uphold his reputation!" We had a great discussing this, please ask your children about how said they would represent God at home (it will benefit your family, trust me ;-).

Class Charts

This is the best way to keep up with your students behavior during the week. Positive and negative points are awarded to help teach students what behaviors are valued at our school. If you ever have questions about our system please don't hesitate to ask.

Email me and I will give your students code directly.

Have a great week! 

Robert C. Muñoz

"1 Week Before School"

Top 10 things I think about the week before school starts...

10. I really miss teaching my students.

9. Where did summer go?! It's technically still Summer.

8. Am I prepared for another round of this?

7. This year is gonna be the best! Just keep saying it. 

6. How many weeks until thanksgiving break?

5. Hey wait, I love this, I love these kids.

4. Is there a website that will decorate my class for me?

3. There are so many emails from the administration. So. many. 

2. Im not sure I can do this...

1. I really miss teaching my kids.