The 1st Week is Always Hard


(Pics L to R: Learning digestive system through artistic representation, learning critical thinking through interpretation of rules in a board game, strategy/cooperation lessons in prepping produce for the farmer's marker, & getting their new school shirts!!!)


1st weeks of the semesters are always hard. An attentive teacher, sees the work of the semester pile up so quickly. At the same time, these little mysteries we call children, look with the greatest of expectations to make their every dream come true (not an exaggeration).

As the shininess of the first few days of school wears off, you get to see their true colors. Personality clashes emerge, gaps in learning are found, tears find their way through the uncomfortable newness. All the while as a teacher, I have to constantly remind myself, of how young and yet unshaped these young people are. That's the work part I was mentioning earlier!

At the same time, unbelievable moments of learning happen like sparks. This week so many students were capturing new concepts, finding common ground, and enjoying laughter in new friendships.

Our theme this week is "Love God with Everything" derived from the 1st commandment in Exodus 20. What a challenge at any age right? For young people though, potential is inherent to their being. Everyday, every morning, every moment, holds in it the possibility for change. 

To close, let me say that while the 1st week is always hard, it has to be. To quote Tom Hanks from the movie A League of Their Own, "If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. It's the hard that makes it great."

Have a blessed weekend with your children.

Mr. Muñoz