The Need

Students at Aquatic Public School come from impoverished families. For them, music lessons are an unimaginable privilege. They are expensive, require instruments, and at face value, do not help students pass the all-important school exams that parents hope will boost their children into a better life. We have, however, noted the severe lack of critical thinking and creative expression among these students. They need outlets to develop self-expression, creativity, and team dynamics. Furthermore, in our urban neighborhood where teenage boys are often idle after school, music makes for a beneficial hobby.

Our Response

We have begun a music course for 6-10th grade students from Aquatic Public School. This is done in partnership with the school, and the principal is thrilled to see his students enjoy this opportunity! Each week, over a dozen students arrive at our office building for lessons on the drums, keyboard and guitar. After a basic introduction to music theory, Manohar Paul and Rachel Nowlin organized students into small bands, assigned instruments and vocalist roles, and began coaching the students in their first song together! Their goal is for each band to prepare a piece to play for the ‘Back to School’ kickoff in January, in front of the student body, school staff, and attending families!

How You Can Help 

Our goal is to provide our students with instruments appropriate for small group classes. They currently all share a single keyboard and drum kit, which belong to our staff. We would like to provide an additional student keyboard and drum kit, as well as guitars for the students to utilize during class and performances. This will enable us to open up practice rooms so that students can practice after school.

While we are happily accepting donated acoustic guitars, we would also like to provide 2 electric acoustic guitars which can be plugged into a sound system for public performances. Please join us in supporting a unique and invaluable experience for these Indian youth to receive the gift of music that will last a lifetime!