Nashville is SLAM's home, so naturally, our most expansive service opportunities are those we are made familiar with on a daily basis. Motivated by the Lord's consistent concern for the vulnerable, our demographics receiving our service are children, the elderly, and immigrants and refugees. 

Students who participate in a NSHVLL service week will grow acquainted with the needs that exist in every major city, and become more aware of the skills they already possess to help meet them,
in imitation of Jesus.


Nashville Service Weeks

NSHVLL Weeks - Summer 2019

Time: NSHVLL Weeks run Monday Evening through Saturday morning

Age: Junior High (minimum 11), High School or College

Lodging: Local churches or hotels.

Meals: SLAM provides all meals for participants during their time of service. In the evenings, we frequently introduce international food as a means to provide young people with the experience of learning another culture.
*Teams can provide their own meals upon request. 

Cost: All NSHVLL weeks cost $265 per participant. This includes lodging, meals, ministry materials, wristband, t-shirt, team poster and review video.

NSHVLL Weeks 2019:

June 10-15 

June 17-22

June 24-29

July 8-13

July 15-20



Ministry Sites

Refugee and Immigrant Housing Complexes: We work with the management of a dozen low-income housing complexes that host thousands of neglected immigrants and refugees. We assist these families by facilitating day camps for children, hosting sports camps, and installing community gardens.

Widow and Elderly Ministry: We have ongoing relationships with a dozen widows that live within minutes of our headquarters who we serve year-round. We also visit several assisted living and nursing homes where we serve the elderly via construction projects, landscaping, social interaction and prayer.  

Hopewell Community Garden: Through working in this garden we help supply food to the local widows we reach out to. Students often have the chance to work in the garden and finish the day by delivering fresh fruits and vegetables to elderly widows.

Local Non-Profits: We partner with over 40 local non-profit organizations that have ongoing ministry with the elderly, homeless, inner-city children and other underprivileged populations.


Nashville Specifics 

Population: 1.6 million.

Language: Over 100 languages are spoken in the city of Nashville. In one area where we work, over 70 languages are spoken at the local high school! Spanish speaking skills are a major asset, but not required for service. 

A word on Nashville: Nashville has been called the new ‘Ellis Island.' It has more immigrants and refugees per capita than any other U.S. city. We work with local councils and community groups to organize projects that will improve the quality of life for this often overlooked demographic! From offering children's camps in the summer, to helping a refugee family move into their first apartment, you're guaranteed to do some good, but also to learn something about the world in the process!

A note on Hopewell: We are located in a historically segregated neighborhood that is recovering from years of neglect. The neighborhood is home to a number of elderly as well as children, both in need of love and practical help. The elderly of Hopewell struggle to deal with a world that's moved on without them. Often crippled or ill, they are in need of practical help both in and outside of the home. The children of Hopewell are likewise not used to receiving much attention. In the school year, we offer an after-school tutoring program and athletic opportunities. In the summer, SLAM volunteers help facilitate a daily kids camp for the Hopewell neighborhood, most of whom would have no other summer camp option whatsoever.