Nick and Leah Sherrod were married in the December of 2013. Having both been highly involved in the ministry of SLAM during their youth, Nick and Leah felt led to join the ministry of G.O.D. International after high school. Nick enrolled at the Institute for G.O.D. in 2007 and Leah in 2009.  

Both Nick and Leah’s experiences in the undergrad program at the Institute for G.O.D. have been accompanied by the opportunity to serve within various spheres of the G.O.D. organization. Leah has continued service within the realm of SLAM and also provides childcare for both working and student mothers.

In 2011, Nick began working full-time for Music City Handyman. He also continues to serve with SLAM by speaking and serving during their national mission trips. Together, as active members of the India regional team, Nick and Leah carry the hope found in God's word that they are a part of something that will profoundly improve the lives of the most vulnerable people of India.