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Psalms 133:1- BEHOLD! How beautiful and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity. 

This verse helps us see that God wants his kids to be unified. We break this verse down and talk about the term brothers. The term 'brothers' is NOT just our biological family. God is all of our father and in that case we are all family (brothers and sisters). We are all different and God made us that way. But, we can use our differences to do what he wants. 

We have been discussing unity in classes the past two days! We are learning that it is working together. This is done through communication that is encouraging and offers direction. It takes patience and requires sharing with others. It also requires us to acknowledge each of us are different (WHICH IS NOT BAD!!!) and use each others gifts and talents to accomplish a shared goal. Today, we played "Minute to Win It" games. They were challenged to work together (show unity) and complete the task while beating the timer! Below are pictures of some of the games they had to play and what they learned (what unity is, how it looks, and why it is important).



"Unity is when you are working together. We were playing a game called Just Breath. We tried to blow the ball in the empty cup. I showed unity by cheering my teammates on. My teammates worked together and then they ended up winning!"



"I played with Ever and Addison. We did legos together and worked together. We also cleaned up legos together! Cade came and helped me clean them up. We help each other because it is good."



"Unity is working together. We show unity because it is kind and God tells us to be kind. I drew the cup game (Just Breath). I saw unity when Scarlet and Cristel taking turns. The rest of the team helped by cheering them on! It was really fun to watch."



"Unity is working together. I drew a picture when I worked together with people in the game (Sort It Out). I told them about my pile of legos and then I gave them legos to go into their pile. We show unity because we need to be kind so we can help others. God tells us we need to show unity."



"Unity is like working together and helping your friends. We show unity to respect God and to make God proud (he tells us to show unity). I drew all the games. I saw unity in the game (Sticky Situation) where at first one team was not unified. BUT, then they were unified after we all helped them do the right thing." 



"Unity is working together and helping friends. We do this to show respect to Jesus and God. I saw unity in the Sort It Out Game when everyone communicated and gave directions to put the colors in the right pile."



"I learned that it is sometimes hard to take turns because you want to do it all by yourself sometimes. I learned about unity more and what that looked like. I played “Just Breath” This game helped me learn how to blow the right measurement of how to get the ball into the next cup and next cup and next cup. This has to do with unity because I had to take turns to get the ball across to the empty cup. It was hard to go back and forth. It was easier for me to blow than my partner and it was hard to share because of that, but I did it! We show unity because it is what God wants us to do because we are his kids."

Eliana (Picture Not Provided)

"I drew me and Celi played a game where we had to work together. There was bread on a plate with peanut butter. We had balls and we had to work together to stick the balls to the peanut butter (Me and Celi love unicorns).  I learned about unity. It means working together and me and Celi had to do this. We do this so we can share unity, so we can have friends, and God tells us to and I want to obey God."



"I learned about unity which is working together. I drew when we did the Lego “Sort It Out.” I learned that it is hard to sort all of the legos because you cant see all of them. You have to have unity because if you don’t you might say something mean or get frustrating to do it. My team showed unity by working together because one of us found different colors. We have to tell people what things we were finding so they knew that they had to do something else. We have to be unified because it makes God proud."



"I drew the cups because there was water and a ball and I liked blowing the ball into the cups. We are learning about helping each other. I had to help Scarlet when the ball fell."



 "I learned to be better with Gunner. I had to listen to my friends on how I could work together with my teammate. When all the balls were near Gunner, I told him to “hurry up.” But I learned to stop doing that and instead be more helpful. This being a good student or teamplayer. I showed unity with this. I learned to do this. I was only thinking about myself in the game and what I wanted and then learned that wasnt okay. This game helped me know what unity is. We show unity because it is fun and because God tells us to do it."



I have learned that friendship is a good choice. I got to meet new friends today. I love being at this school. I love being with my friends because they make me happy and feel comfortable and (are super funny). The game I played, I learned that Ellie and work together really well even if we get frustrated. We never stop playing when it is tough. We have learned about hospitality and unity. Unity is working together. We need to show this so you don’t fight with everyone, aren’t be lonely, and God tells us to do this.  (And we (Eliana) both like unicorns)."



"I drew Grant cheering for me and I am blowing the ball to the last cup. This showed unity. Unity means working together. We do this because God tells us to work together."