Namaste! India Here We Come

Recap from Latin America and The Philippines

The students got exposed to different cultures this past week and are becoming more and more globally conscious as we go! Through the content and activities provided they are also growing in their interpersonal and interpersonal skills aiding in their becoming kind, responsible, and ethical neighbors. One "drum that we have beaten" is to remember different is not bad, just "different." By recognizing we all have different culture and experiences, we can seek understanding and slow down in our judgments and responses. I am excited for these students to continue to be exposed to different cultures and broaden their acceptance of others as well as equip them with tools to work with others. Below are some pictures from their different classes the past two weeks. Enjoy!

Traveling East to Learn More About the People & Culture from India & the Himalayas

The next two weeks, students will be learning all about India. They will learn about the animals specifically within the Himalayan Mountains, and the people and culture! 

Featured Courses:

Here are some of the classes that your child will have with me, as the Course Lead. Not pictured are Bible, Crafts from Around the World, Bone-A-Fide, and Making a Difference courses! See the course description for these, below!

Other Courses and Content:

Indian Art: Sewing & Patterns:

Ms. Foster (Tues./ Fri.)

  • Creative Arts
  • Description: If you have ever been to or have seen pictures of India, you will note that the colors are extensive. Color is symbolic of the people, the religions, and culture that is also extensive across the country of India. For the next two weeks in art class, we will be focusing on contrasting colors that stand out well. In order to learn this concept and also practice some sewing techniques, students spend time creating patterns with stamps to print on foam and then will get to practice some sewing stitches as well. 

Market Math:

Mrs. Gowen(Tues./Fri)

  • STEM
  • In Market Math, students will develop a market where they will sell their handmade goods to other students. Markets will be a focus of this class because markets are apart of many cultures including Indian culture. When developing their market, students will have to problem solve how many items they need for the market and how much to price them for. On the day of the market, students will be given change that they must use when people buy from them.


Mr. Bargatze (Mon./ Thurs.)

  • Creative Arts
  • In this course students are learning about the basics of the Torah and important lessons from the book of Genesis. In the fall semester, students learned the definition of wisdom, the difference between a wise and foolish person, what the word Torah means and all the books of the Torah, and lessons from major stories in Genesis from chapters 1-10. For the fall semester, students will continue the Genesis narrative by going over stories and characters from Genesis 12-50. While we’ll review key points from the Fall semester, students will mainly cover the stories of Abraham, Lot, the birth of Isaac (a fulfillment of God’s promise), Jacob and Esau, and Joseph. By the end of the semester, the students will be able to to identify specific themes from each story, memorized the characters names and their meaning, and be able to demonstrate a general overview of the book of Genesis through the use of storytelling.


Mr. Munoz( Mon./ Thurs.)

  • STEM

  • It will focus primarily on the physical characteristics and biology of snake life. Students will take their knowledge of skeletal system and compare and contrast the bone structure of a variety of snakes. Students will utilize traditional art supplies to draw, sketch, and paint snake anatomy and habitat.