A Book A Day...

After coming off last weekend's book fair, the students expressed such an enthusiasm about their new books (and reading in general)! I took the opportunity this week to read a couple of the new books that some of you (THANK YOU!) purchased for our class at the book fair. The students were CAPTIVATED! In the past two weeks having been in their class, I've yet to see them so quiet, so focused and so enthralled as they were when we read together this week.  (Now, I'm not tooting my horn at being the most captivating reader either. I'm genuinely saying that these students love reading!) 

I wanted to make specific note of that on our blog this week and encourage you to be reading with your children at home. Perhaps you could make a goal for "a book a day", and of course this wouldn't be a chapter book a day, but something small... just to keep them reading! Or perhaps you do "a chapter a day". 

We have running list of books our classmates are reading posted outside our classroom door. Each time your student completes a book, they can record it to add to our collection together as a class! I look forward to hearing more about the stories their reading!  

Have a great weekend!