Climb to the Top!

Written by Mr. Bargatze

Our Hike and Climb class was another course our students requested to learn about, AND it’s been so fun! It’s a Creative Arts class, where students learn to develop their muscles, capacity to make safe decisions, and to coordinate their hands and feet. 

My objectives for this course is to teach them how to safely climb and hike, while creating a class they enjoy. For climbing class, students learned these rules: 

  1. Wear the right shoes (no flip flops or dress shoes).
  2. Maintain 3 Points of Contact (A point of contact is a hand or foot.)
  3. Pace Yourself.

For our class, students went onto the playground and we practiced climbing, focused on obeying these rules. While they were climbing, Ms. Vagatai and I monitored their climbing reminding them to maintain at least 2-3 points of contact while pacing themselves.

Our next climbing class, I taught the students various grips for climbing, while they climbed on the climbing wall in our Kindergarten room. Students also practiced utilizing “3 Points of Contact”. This required total body coordination, quick judgment, and muscle to stay up on the wall and complete the challenge. 

For hiking, we went on multiple hikes around the property. I took them on a scavenger hunt and taught them about the purpose of cairns. To help, Ms. Foster had the students create their own Cairns in her "Drawing the Great Outdoors” class. Then, I took students outside and placed Cairns on a hike for students to follow. I taught them about the purpose of landmarks and cairns in order to not get lost while hiking or going to new places. 

This class has been really fun and filled with lots of development socially, spatially, and kinesthetically. Enjoy the pictures!