Who We Are

NuWaterWorks is a program of Global Outreach Developments International that implements water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions in developing countries.  We empower individuals to achieve health for their families and communities by training them to resolve water-related problems, ranging from water catchment, filtration and treatment to well-digging and repair. In doing so, we work to relieve undue anxiety and pose sustainable solutions for a better future where everyone has water sufficient to drink, wash, cook and bathe. 


What We Do

For those who lack reliable access to clean water, life is extremely difficult. We understand that for lasting results, we must empower local communities to take part in the solution. NuWaterWorks implements sustainable projects in communities of need around the world, training local representatives to maintain and repair their own water sources.  


What's Been Done


*Though NuWaterWorks is not based solely in East Africa, a large majority of our projects have been performed there. This infographic shows our history helping with water-related issues for almost twenty years!