The Need

In Uganda, 77% of the population is below the age of 30. Yet those aged 15-30 are twice as likely as any older age group to be without work. With an estimated 65-80% youth unemployment rate, Uganda is leading the continent in being out of work. This demographic is in desperate need of skills training that is particular to their context. And, we believe, in order to make any lasting impact in their world, they need a biblical education that puts emphasis on using those skills to benefit those in need.

Our Response

This combination of a biblical education with real world skills development is what happens at the Institute for G.O.D. East Africa. In our 5-year program, students will undergo rigorous training in the Bible while simultaneously undergoing skills development in primary education, agriculture, building, entrepreneurship or health care. Students are given a full scholarship in order to allow them to fully invest their energies into their studies, with intense accountability given in order for them to maintain their enrollment.

How You Can Help 

To offer this--what we call “the opportunity of a lifetime”--we count on the generosity of those who have been blessed with higher education themselves. Generous supporters like you can extend that opportunity to others who want it, but don't have the means to get it themselves. Sharing the gift of opportunity is, we believe, one of the best gifts you can offer.


Learning the word of God has changed my idea of development work. I see that we can solve issues as a community, to care about the interests of others, and uplift them with the gifts we have, rather than being independent.
— Brian Sserunjogi, Institute EA student