Coordination & Balance

In Coordination and Balance we place a strong emphasis on "safety."  This semester the students will be doing a lot of lower body exercises in order to develop the coordination and balance they need to stay safe.  We are doing exercises on the agility ladder, balance beam, running exercises, dribbling soccer balls, hurdles, and lots of obstacle courses to make these exercises even more enjoyable.  Most importantly for the beginning of the semester, we are learning about the importance of stretching before we are involved in physical activity, as well as taking time to cool down after physical activity.  This is a class that the students really seem to enjoy, and hopefully will benefit from as they become people who can confidently use their whole body rather than live with the limitations of only feeling comfortable using one dominant side of our body.

Students work their way through an obstacle course relay race in Coordination and Balance as their classmates cheer them on and watch to see who wins.