Storytime - Loving One Another

In our Storytime Class this week I introduced a story about siblings who argued all the time, and could never have peace with one another.  In the story, the father eventually has all the children come together, and he uses an example of the strength of sticks that are separate compared to sticks that are together.  When a stick is by itself it can be easily broken, but when it is combined with the other sticks it cannot be broken.

For the story, I had all the students go outside and collect two sticks.  I went around the room and broke one of every student's sticks.  I then combined all the other sticks together and showed them how I couldn't break them when they were combined.  The moral of the story was  that when the students work together and create an environment of peace with each other then they will have a good experience and be able to do much more than they could on their own.  In fact, they will be able to keep enduring with one another when obstacles occur if they can depend on each other.