How To Save a Life

This last week has been very exciting.  Students have worked with content related to Audiology (a branch of science that studies hearing, balance, and related disorders), and CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation).  They have studied the anatomy of the ear (STEM), developed media for those with disabilities (Creative Arts), debated the most beneficial method for deaf communication (Language Arts), and practiced drawing sign language (Creative Arts).  Additionally, the students have learned CPR (STEM), worked with division to study heart rates and averages (STEM), increased their medical vocabulary related to CPR (Language Arts), and developed their photography skills (Creative Arts).  These classes have been so helpful as they are expanding the worldview of the students and teaching them not only how to save lives in emergency situations, but also how to implement the resurrection power of Jesus in situations where consideration and creativity are necessary to assist those in need around you.

*See our Class Dojo stories for even more descriptions about what we are doing during the day



In Bible, as you know from my last blog, the students have been learning about feasts/holidays from the Bible related to God’s faithfulness.  The students had the chance in class to present a new holiday or edit a current one.  They seemed to really enjoy developing a testimony to God’s faithfulness based upon their knowledge of Scripture.  I was blessed to listen to them testify about the way God has been, and is, revealing himself to them.

Lastly, this week our class was blessed by the school administration with brand new instruments to use during our Worship Band class.  This was incredibly exciting for everyone.  I found myself a little emotional thinking back on my own experience in Elementary school.  I shared with the students how I was never blessed with such wonderful gifts intended to further develop me.  I am very touched by the belief that the teachers and administration have in our students.  I know I am one of those teachers, but I believe in these students, and see this belief displayed from other teachers and administrators every single day.  I praise God for everything that is currently happening at the Academy for G.O.D.!

Excited Students.jpeg