UPDATE - 09.18.18

We are happy to report that we have been fully funded for our documentary! After a successful 2.5 weeks of filming in Delhi in January, we have been in the process of organizing and translating the bulk of our interviews. We couldn’t be more excited to dive into the editing process and to tell this compelling story — and we can’t wait to share it with you! Stay tuned for more updates.

The Need 

Childbirth in India is experiencing a fundamental shift. Rapid urbanization has contributed to the dying off of midwifery as a profession. Childbirth was formerly a practice performed almost exclusively at home, attended by a local midwife and the woman's mother-in-law. Now, women are heading to government hospitals where care is often compromised due to understaffing and a lack of resources. The traditional and relational approach of the village midwife is being quickly forgotten.

Our Response

We are creating a documentary to preserve the story of one woman- a village midwife- with 50+ years of experience delivering babies in a rural setting. This midwife represents a rich tradition of relational, skillful care towards mothers and infants. In our interviews with her, our own midwives and maternal health care workers have been amazed to hear of her hands-on methods which are consistent with some of the world’s top medical facilities, and have produced incredibly high success rates in labor and delivery! Yet healthcare workers with her skill and knowledge are rapidly being ostracized, barred from the sterile, machine- dependent setting of urban Indian hospitals.

Her story needs told; her skills and methods need to be preserved for tomorrow’s maternal healthcare workers.

How You Can Help 

We have just completed the filming of all raw footage in Delhi, and are ready to begin editing and production! We need help paying skilled interview transcribers, cultural consultants, and managing post-production media storage. Please support our team to ensure this information is preserved for the next generation of health-care workers!