Update from Miss Price's Class

Weekly Theme and Bible Verse:

  • God's Family
  • "Whoever obeys my father in heaven is my family." Matthew 12:50

Sight Words:

The students are beginning to recognize words much quicker, and beginning to read! There is still a long journey ahead of them but the wheels are turning! This is thanks to your help with the at-home activities mixed with some really wonderfully faithful and determined kids! Please continue with these optional exercises as you are able. I have seen much improvement since having done these! Thank you for all of your help!

This week, we are reviewing the "Super e" words or they can also be called "Magic e." There are several videos posted to Edmodo that help explain and give visual and auditory examples of these words! Check them out!


The students have been learning the Monart Theory in Shapes class. So far, they have learned the Dot Family, Circle Family, Straight Line Family, and Curvy Line family! They do different activities where we identify or create these shapes in our class! This week is a special week, in that we are making a gift for their grandparents. The students will be making a hug for Grandparents Day and reviewing all the shapes they have learned thus far. One way you can help enforce the shapes at home, is play I Spy or discover different shapes as you go on a walk. They literally make up the environment around them! Below is a list of the shapes within the families we have learned!

Dot Family: (All are filled in)

  • Dot
  • Elipse
  • Oval
  • Kidney

Circle Family:

  • Circle
  • Oval
  • Elipse
  • Kidney

Straight Line:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Diagonal
  • Parallel
  • Broken

Curvy Line:

  • Spiral
  • Wavy
  • Scalloped


Students have been learning and identifying the 5 parts of a story: character,setting, conflict/resolution, plot, and theme. We have learned the first 4 so far. One way you can help at home is by reading for 20-30 minutes a night with your children. Have them identify the following parts in the story as you read!

Board Games Class:

I am having every student introduce and teach a board game to our class. Last week, Ajay taught us how to play Slap Jack! He brought in two decks of cards for us to use, and we enjoyed playing Slap Jack together during our class time. This week, Noah is going to teach us a game. We are really excited to hear from her and play her game. 

Please note, when it is your child's turn it is good to have them practice at home first. They will need to give us the title of the game, the rules of the game, and how to win at the game. Another good tip is to have them do a practice round with the group, if needed. Sometimes, it helps to visually see how something works! Lastly, you will need to make sure that when planning the game, you consider that there are 8 students and 1 teacher. I do not have to play if it messes up the game, but I can be included if the game allows (I love playing with them!). I will personally be messaging the parents of the student who will be scheduled for next weeks Board Games class!


Mrs. Gowen is on maternity leave at this time. Mr. Bargatze and I have stepped in for the remainder of the semester. Students are working hard on simple addition. They are learning this through a tens frame, dice, cubes, and abstract numbers. All students could use review on identifying their numbers. This is one way you can help and practice with them at home! A fun way to do this would be helping them read a recipe with numbers or playing games such as cards, Bingo, or Dominoes. 

Coordination and Balance:

Students are primarily working on body awareness with Mr. Bargatze.  He creates really fun games that challenge them and help them learn how to control their body movements in relation to themselves and others around them.


Last week, students learned how to harvest carrots. They were able to help out in the garden to harvest carrots and began to learn the process of preparing them for the market! The goal for this week is for the students to see the entire process of a vegetable, from the ground to the market. They will be learning how to clean, weigh, log the weight, and bag the carrots in preparation for the market!

The students ultimate highlight of the Gardening class seems to be the baby chicks! They love to visit the 250+ chicks that the garden staff has recently gotten to raise. They learn about the environment a baby chick needs to survive and what they are used for!