Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Law #2:

Love your neighbor. - Exodus 20:4

This week, the students are learning about loving their neighbor. This is not limited to the person(s) who live in the house next door, but those who are around them. A neighbor can be a teacher, parent, classmate, friend, etc. Loving their neighbors means that they make the other person, their neighbor, first priority over their own "wants." Miss Davis helped them explore different environments that they would interact with a neighbor and options that they would have, today in Chapel. For example, she asked them if they were at the library and SUPER excited to read their favorite book, but saw a new student who looked confused or lonely, what would they do? What would they prioritize? What is loving their neighbor in this scenario? I encourage you to continue to explore this with your children at home and talk with them about different ways they could love their neighbor, be the example for them, and give them an opportunity to put this into practice outside of school!


On Monday, the students took time to help out in Hopewell Garden. They put their boots and coveralls on and headed to the garden to help uproot the bean plants! In the midst of this activity, they enjoyed nibbling on the fresh green beans and finding the HUGEST grasshopper that I have ever seen! If you have not sent your child's boots or coveralls to school, please do so Monday, as they are using them!!! See pictures below!

Coordination and Balance:

This week in Coordination and Balance class, we are assessing the students ability to balance, run, self-awareness during play, hand eye coordination, and footwork! We want to equip the students with tools they can use to exercise and participate in sports safely; as well as, maneuver their bodies healthily and safely in everyday interactions! Below are pictures from Coordination and Balance class!


Stay tuned for more updates! Have a wonderful day! -Miss Price