1,2,3 Here We Go!

Freetime In Miss Price's Class!

Updates & Reminders:

  • iPads will be kept overnight, tonight. New apps will be added and iPads should be entirely set up. 
  • Edmodo is now in use! Please feel free to check it out Sunday to see what your child will be learning in the upcoming week! Teachers may give opportunities for your children to earn points by demonstrating a concept they learned in class and uploading it to Edmodo OR they may have videos or resources on Edmodo that you can use with your children at home! So, please take time to check this out!
  • Students are still hungry in the afternoon, after lunch. Feel free to send them finger foods for them to snack on during our breaks throughout the day.
  • There is a NO TOY policy. If a student brings a toy, I will confiscate it for the day and student will be given a demerit. These become very distracting and can take away from socializing with each other! We have games and other things for them to do here, together!
  • Please make sure your child comes with their iPad everyday. I am incentivizing them with points if they come to school with their iPad at 100%. The iPads are a learning tool for them and it is important they have them and they are charged; so, they can participate in their classes!
  • If your child does not have boots and coveralls, please make sure they have these by next week. They are rocking the garden and need them!



This week in Storytime, I highlighted the book "The Can Man". It was a story about a little boy who wanted a skateboard and tried to find a way to make money through collecting cans, as he saw Mr. Peter's doing to make money. Mr. Peters was a man who lost his job and collected cans because he was unable to get another job. The boy and Mr. Peter's ended up both collecting cans for things they wanted/needed. Mr. Peters needed a coat for the winter and the boy wanted a skateboard. When the boy came to know why Mr. Peter was collecting cans, he gave his money that he had earned to him. I had the students draw pictures of ways they heard someone following Law #1 "Love God with everything" and Law #2 "Love your neighbor." After they drew their pictures of things that they had heard that went along with these laws, I gave them a chance to share. Below is a picture after our time of sharing at the amphitheater!

Boardgames Class:

Yesterday in Boardgames, we played a different for of Jenga! We took a life-size dice and used that to tell us how many blocks we had to take out of the tower. We played this as a class and practiced responding well when things don't go our way as individuals and as a team. It is easy to give up or pout when we are the person who pulls the final block out and causes the tower to fall. It is also easy to blame others without recognizing how we may have been a part of why something happen. But, being God's kids mean we have to be responsible in how we respond to inevitable challenges in life. Our words are powerful and how we speak to ourselves and others matters! I encouraged them to shake it off if the tower fell because that is part of the game and to encourage others if it happens to them. Our words need to build one another up, not break them down! Pictured below is Truman and Ajay who showed great teamwork. They pulled the final block out that caused the tower to crumble, but they stayed positive and worked together to make sure the tower was put back together nicely for the next game! Great teamwork and attitudes boys!

Jesus Movie:

This week, Zootopia is being shown for the Jesus Movie class. There were two main points that I highlighted with the kids that would be good to remind them at home!

  1. What we put in us can come out of us because our minds are like sponges.
  2. We have to use God's word to know if what we are watching is good or bad and true or false.

Our minds are like sponges! Everything we take in effects us and comes out of us. If we put bad things in our mind then it can even influence how we act, think, and what we say to one another! God gives us tools, the laws and values we learn each week, to know how to determine if something is good or bad. When we watch a movie or tv show, we have to use these tools God has given us so we aren't putting bad things in us or are able to determine if something is good or bad. Here are some questions we can ask ourselves:

  • Does what I am watching aline with the values and themes I am learning at school?
  • Who are the characters and what are they doing? 
  • Is the character acting like a child of God? Why or why not?
  • What did I learn from this movie?

The kids were encouraged to have eyes and ears that considered God's word while watching shows and movies and to be thinking about what was shown. They were also challenged to think about what they got out of the movie. In Zootopia, we found examples of perseverance and consideration that aligned with God's values. We also talked about some moments that were not so good and didn't align with God's word such as using violence when we are angry. We then thought of an alternative way to respond when we are angry or hurt that went along with God's word. Next week, we will be going through the movie some more (skipping over some of the more startling parts) and further discussing what it means to "filter" what we watch!