Miss Price's Class (Gold)- Sept. 19- Sept. 23

This week, we are reviewing our last two laws:

  1. Remember you are God's kids and represent him to others; make him proud!
  2. Rest when it is time to rest and take time to enjoy your family and friends.

Sight Words:

This week in Sight Words class, we are learning words in the -at and -in family; as well as, reviewing some of our words from last week! I sent home a folder on Monday with new activities for the week. I did this to switch up the activities and to try and make it even more enjoyable for them. 


We are finishing the circle family this week! The students drew my mystery drawing yesterday that turned into a...SHOE! They created their own shoes and strung them to be a means for them to practice tying their shoes! Once they all demonstrate they can tie their shoes, Mr. Bargatze and I will have party for them! I will be sending their shoes home with them to practice, and will have shoes in my classroom to practice. Please take time to work with them, and also challenge them on what shapes they see on their shoe!

Coordination and Balance:

This week, the students are practicing jump rope, hula hoop, and teamwork. I have the pleasure of helping teach at the jump rope station. Please see what we are working on below:

  • Sizing a jump rope to see if it is too big, too small, or just right!
    • Students need to grab a handle in each hand. Then, they need to stand in the middle of the rope and pull the rope up with handles facing them. If the rope is between the bottom of your rib cage and the top of your shoulder then it is the right size. If it falls below or above these areas, then it is not the right size.
  • Safety
    • We have to practice being safe when we jump. We have to look in front, behind, and side to side before we swing a rope.
  • Get the beat down.
    • When first learning to jump rope, it can be difficult to time the rope and our jump. In that case, we can hold both ends of the jump rope in our hand and swing the rope in a circle motion to our side. Every time it hits the ground we jump. This helps with timing. Once they have done this successfully, then they can begin to try to jump rope. 


In manners class, the students are learning how to greet people for the first time. They look them in the eye when speaking and make conversation such as:

  • Student A: Hi good morning!
  • Student B: Hi good morning!
  • Student A: My name is [insert name] What's yours?
  • Student B:My name is [insert name]
  • Student A: I am from [insert place] Where are you from?
  • Student B: I am from [insert place]
  • Student A: I am [insert age] years old. How old are you?
  • Student B: I am [insert age]
  • Student A: Nice to meet you. Bye!
  • Student B: Bye!

Friends at School:

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