Sept. 5th-9th

Law of Week:

This week, students are learning law #3: Remember you are God's kids and represent him to others; make him proud! 

Class Charts Update:

I will be sending you all your child's personal passcode to access their ClassCharts account. Please be on the look out for these!

Breakfast Update:

Breakfast ends at 8:33. Please have your child at school before this time so they can eat breakfast! If you are unable to make it by this time, I would suggest backing finger foods for them to snack on during their breaks!

Jesus Movie:

Students learned about God's word being a filter. It acts as a tool that helps us know what is good and bad, healthy and unhealthy, right and wrong. They were encouraged to use this filter as they watched Zootopia. They practiced making observations and noting things that were good and not good in the movie. They also talked about the "big picture" of the movie and what some messages were.

Site Words:

Please see Edmodo for the list of new words. It is on the video that I have uploaded. Please try and practice these with your children at home for at least 30 minutes a night. This can be done in different ways such as, doing a scavenger hunt, using them in a recipe they have to read and baking cookies, or using their iPads to type them out and then quiz them!