Week of Sept. 12-16: Class Updates

Law # 4:

Rest when it is time to rest, and take time to enjoy your family and friends!

Sight Words:

Wow what a week! The students have done a really great job at completing their site words activities at home this week. I have enjoyed watching their videos and seeing their handwork. Thank you, parents, for taking the time to spend with your child at home and help them review throughout the week! This will really help them. Tomorrow, they will be participating in a “Reading Bee.” I am excited to see their hard work pay-off! 

We will stick with the daily routine for a month or so; and then, I will create another daily reminder for you all with new ways to practice! Also, I hope to go to the library this weekend and get individuated books for each student to practice reading from for their daily Wednesday activity. Be on the look out for these next week!

Below is the daily home activity slip for reference!



In Shapes class, the students learned about the "circle family." The circle family is very similar to the 'dot family' except the shapes are not colored in and consist of: circle, oval, ellipse, and kidney shapes. They also learned about the Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania and the jewelry that they wear. They learned about the different colors that are found on their jewelry and used shapes from the circle family to create Maasai necklaces that represented them. They carefully chose what colors they thought matched them. 

  • Red- unity and strength
  • orange- friendship and warmth
  • yellow-growth
  • green- production and nourishment 
  • blue- energy
  • white- purity and health

We also took time to eat some yummy strawberries as we worked. We used these to see what shapes from the circle family could be created by our delicious snack! 

Heroes of Faith:

This week, the students learned about Helen Keller. We emphasized Helen’s ability to push through even when times were rough. Because she trusted the Lord and her teacher, she was able to overcome her challenges and help others with similar challenges. The students learned a saying in correspondence to Helen’s life:

“When life is hard we do not stop! We push on through because God’s our ROCK!” 

Ask your child about this and have them do the motions! Lastly, the students also got to experience some of the challenges Helen may have faced, being deaf and blind. They had to complete three different tasks in groups blindfolded without verbal help. Many expressed their frustrations within the activity. They were able to connect with Helen (on a very small level) and think through the kind of things she would have had to overcome. Because of her persistence, hope, and faith in God, she did overcome then and helped others who were in similar situations!


The students are learning about patterns in Numbers class. They are using Tanagrams to create their own or copy others’ designs. They also were challenged by Mrs. Gowen to post a pattern that they created on Edmodo, by Friday, for a grab bag point!


This week in chapel, we went over the law of the week and specifically what ‘rest’ is and when we do it. We used the Creation narrative in Genesis as how God teaches us about rest. It is on the other side of handwork. It is NOT ONLY hard work but work that benefits and serves others, a creative work. The students broke up into small groups in chapel and practice different ways people rest. I used the acronym C.R.E.A.T.E. to help them know different ways to rest!

  • C-Consider
  • R- Reflect
  • E- Examine
  • A- Appreciate
  • T- Talk
  • E- Encourage

Here is a picture of the acronym and further explanations for you to reference and use in conversation at home!


This week, the kids learned how to fold a towel and wash a cup by hand. They got to practice at two different stations with me and Mrs. Loeffler. They have an opportunity to earn a point towards grab bag if they film themselves washing a cup correctly and then posting the video to Edmodo. Please take time to have your child show you what they have learned and put it into practice at home, as much as possible! For your reference, the right way to clean a cup is as follows:

  1. Make are there is nothing inside (if there is dump it out first).
  2. Place cup in warm soapy water. (The hotter the water the better as it kills germs, but we don't want to burn our hands)
  3. Use the soapy rag (or scrubber) to wash the outside, inside, rim, handle, and the bottom of the cup.
  4. Make sure there is no soapy water in the cup, and then place it in the fresh rinsing water. 
  5. Make sure all of the soap is off the cup (inside,outside,rim,handle, and bottom)
  6. Dry the entire cup.
  7. Put the cup up.


In Bones class, the students reviewed the bones of the body! They also learned about the different types of bones:

  1. flat
  2. long
  3. short
  4. irregular
  5. sesamoid 

They got a chance to explore which bones of the body fit into each of these categories. They finished class by breaking out into groups and tracing different bones of the body according to their type!