iOS Alert- Intentionality On Spring-Break

iOS Alert: Intentionality On Spring-Break

Law 4:

Rest when it’s time to rest, and take time to enjoy your family and friends!

       Technology is a blessing and curse. In many ways, it can be beneficial for students in their classes and at home. It allows us to navigate our classes, provide fun games that challenge the students in a subject matter, learn technological skills in a technological world, access books, work together in groups, communicate with others, study and learn outside of a classroom, etc. 

       I recently had the privilege to attend a teacher conference last month with some fellow teachers of The Academy, and got some words of wisdom from an experienced teacher (30+ years in the classroom).  The lady spoke on the importance of oral education and how kids within this generation are struggling to communicate and have healthy and normal interactions because of the substitution of these interactions with technology.  When technology is misused it can become problematic in the development of our children. It often will substitute face to face interactions, dinner time talks, and creative play with age-mates and or siblings. This could ultimately become problematic and have a direct affect on your child’s ability to focus in classes, socially integrate, and or have healthy relationships. She noted behavior she has observed over the years and what she believes is connected to unhealthy technology boundaries in children’s lives. It is my hope and prayer that our kids won't become negatively affected by or misuse technology at school or home. Let’s not start now!

       I want to encourage you to take the time to engage your child’s mind, listen to their hearts, help cultivate in them the importance of human interaction over break, give them opportunity to explore, be creative, or learn a skill. Help them focus on things that are important and what our minds should be focused on as children of God.

  • Challenge them to put their minds on the values they have been taught every week, and what that practically looks like over break. 
  • Have them read a good book or practice sight words.
  • Go for a walk and enjoy the weather.
  • Cook with them.
  • Build something with them (they know how to use a ruler and measure).
  • Play board games.
  • Jump into their imaginative world and play, laugh, and have FUN!

       Avoid allowing them to mull over the next ‘fad,’ a Minecraft world, or the best Pokemon. Jesus is a great example for us, revealing the importance of human interaction, engaging one’s mind, and the importance of the development of children.

Reflection From Mrs. Nsubuga:

       As a teacher, I see the popular games or toys arise. It can become an idol for the kids if we allow it. Or it can become a lesson and an opportunity to express thankfulness. Over this break, I want to encourage you to find creative and unique ways to engage your child’s minds and hearts in a variety of things and experiences all while remembering the Lord. Don't forget, these little ones are History Makers, but it starts with us instilling good values from God’s word into them. It starts with us being intentional with our walk with the Lord and what we fill our minds and hearts with; as well as, others’ around us.

Ephesians 5:15-16

Be careful then how you live, not as unwise people but as wise, 16making the most of the time, because the days are evil. 

       One of the points made in the exhortation last Sunday was to observe the life we live or how we ‘ walk,’ and to do so, carefully. We need to be intentional and make the best use of our time. We always have a choice of what we choose to do in our down time, what we fill our minds with and our children’s minds. Let’s be careful with how we spend our ‘downtime.’ Let’s build up our kids, hug them a little longer, and a little tighter. Let’s engage their minds and hone their gifts. Let’s love and invest and be iOS- Intentional On Spring-Break with these little ones.