“There are so many women here who have no idea about their own bodies and especially pregnancy. It’s like a nightmare to most of us. I feel that the concept of pregnancy in India should change and I’ll be more than happy if it starts from just me.”
— Sneha Purti

The Need

For many women in India, the birth experience is marked by a lack of understanding that produces great fear. There is a strong culture of silence in regards to reproductive health, female anatomy and physiology. From a young age, most girls will never receive any education on the changes happening in their own bodies during puberty. They enter marriage and their childbearing years governed by superstition and fear.

This lack of understanding, as well as a lack of trained childbirth workers, contributes to India’s maternal mortality rates, which are 12 times higher than those of the United States. 

Our Response 

Our efforts to respond to this need are multifaceted. We are training two of our Indian staff in maternal and infant health through an online program. These women are passionate about developing capacity in this field, and are eager for any resource we can offer! They are also actively serving in the greater Delhi area, teaching Female Health classes to teenage girls at a local primary school, and facilitating discussion groups that allow local mothers a chance to dialogue about personal nutrition, childbirth and infant health.

In addition to the online classes they teach, our Nashville-based maternal health professionals regularly travel to Delhi to offer in-person seminars on labor & delivery, lactation and maternal and infant health.


How You Can Help 

Please help us to continue offering these avenues for education to local girls and women! Provide printed resources to women in their native language, or contribute to the ongoing education of our staff on the ground, so that they can serve around them in skilled and culturally-relevant ways.