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The Need

Providing food for the hungry shouldn’t require much convincing. Hunger is real and it touches all parts of the world--even the U.S. where 1 in 6 face hunger. To meet this need we don’t just supply canned goods or a meal once or twice. We provide land and tools and education for people to take part in their own solution for hunger: taking full advantage of the gift God already gave in the earth.

Our Response

Our model farm in Tennessee trains development workers to serve as agricultural experts in the third world. In short: knowledge is transferred, farmers are empowered, and people are fed good food from the ground. In Latin America, they’re growing watermelons and cucumbers in sizes and quantities no one has seen before. In East Africa, they’re growing enough food to feed 400 school children once every week and supply for the needs of the farmers’ families as well. In the Philippines, our garden provides food for women in the prison and children at the nearby school. In one of India’s most populated cities, a rooftop garden is taking shape--showing people what can be grown, even within an urban landscape.

How You Can Help 

Help us supply farmers in the third world with the tools and education they need to thrive. The needs are simple, the impact is huge. By investing in farmers, you’re ensuring good food on the table not just for the holidays, but year round.


Thank you for Making Room! 


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