Preparations and Travel

Getting ready to come to India was a whirlwind, but in the process, I have to reflect on the Lord’s goodness. A few months ago, he spoke to me that I should go to India for a year. I was baffled at first, as I hadn’t previously considered a trip like this, knowing that there was no one else on my team who could go with me for the entire time. However, I never want to be someone who disobeys the Lord’s leading or even second guesses his voice. I talked to team leadership who then ran it by several other people for approval and within a few days it was tentatively approved pending a vote by the team members. I normally get so nervous asking for things, but I was surprised by the peace I felt when I asked my team members for support and told them about how God spoke to me. They were all so interested and kind and approved my trip with a unanimous vote. From there, it was a couple months of wrapping up another year of teaching kindergarten, getting everything I owned either put into storage or packed into a few suitcases, and preparing my heart for the trip. What had initially felt like a huge step of faith (saying yes to the Lord’s leading) quickly turned into one of the most encouraging few weeks of my life. Every time I shared my heart with my friends and co-laborers, they told me how much they thought I had to give and encouraged me to be confident. It was all very humbling in the best way. I’m ever grateful for the most wonderful friends who are so good at outdoing one another in showing honor. 

Being in obedience to the Lord’s will is the best place to be. It’s undoubtedly the safest and healthiest place. I’m not scared, but rather, I’m quite happy and ready for this new adventure. I know that the Lord will keep me and that it’s my responsibility to keep my mind stayed on him. I want to make him proud every day and I’m so honored and thankful that he sees me as fit for this service.

As I write this, I’m sitting in the Moscow airport, taking a rest, not quite sure if I feel ready for bed or if I feel like I’ve just woken up for the day. Traveling across time zones is strange in that way. I will soon meet up with Corey, Rebekah, Manohar, and Sneha in Delhi and see the house and neighborhood in which I’ll be staying. 

I’m excited to use this blog to keep you all updated. I know that I might accidentally write things that are high context without much explanation, so if there’s anything you want to know more about, post a question in the comments below and I’ll be happy to elaborate! More posts and pictures will be coming soon!