Day 1

Upon arriving at the house early this morning at about 1:30am (thank you to Manohar for picking me up!), I was very thankful to be with Manohar, Sneha, Corey, and Beka. I was also thankful to be finished with 24 hours of travel that contained very little sleep. Perhaps I was excited about my year ahead or perhaps I was subconsciously aware that I was traveling alone, but the sleep rarely came and only for a few minutes at a time, which made for lots of time to find rest in the Lord, which I did. My layovers were all just long enough for me to make my connections easily without sitting around for too long and the Moscow airport was nice and small and easy in which to find my way around (in case you were wondering, as several people seemed very interested that I had a layover in Russia). 

Sneha, Beka and Corey gathered this morning at 7 for yoga, which I slept like a log through but am hopeful to join them tomorrow morning for, and then at 7:30, Manohar led us in a wonderful time of worship and Corey shared a fantastic encouragement from scripture. We then enjoyed the cool morning air brought by the overnight and morning rains and had a delicious breakfast together, cooked by Naimi. Throughout the day, I have been taken aback by how well organized the house is. I just keep thinking about all of the people that have worked so hard to find the house, furnish it, get everything set up, decorate it, and keep it running on a daily basis. The work of the teams that have come over the past year is very evident in every room of the house. Sneha is so fantastic and did a grocery store run to get not only all the food we and the upcoming team need, but to also get things like laundry soap and toilet paper for everyone. Corey worked for a while today on our morning devotion/cooking dinner schedule. Beka spent an hour and a half joyfully teaching Manohar, Sneha, and Anil about the inductive study method, which was a topic that came up throughout the rest of our day. Even Anil touched my heart as he arrived faithfully on time to the office and was then wiping the dust off the office chairs before the Bible Study Beka led. In case you’re wondering, it wasn’t because the chairs have been unused, but rather there seems to be a daily layer of dirt/dust that falls on everything here, as the city has a lot of dirt in the air and constant dusting can feel like an overwhelming task. Manohar was serving and working hard all day long, helping us with whatever we needed and thinking through the details of the upcoming trips, among various other things. I just feel so unified with everyone on our team, as we’ve worked so well together toward a common goal of ministering in India and we’re really doing it, and I know it will only continue to increase.

To wrap up, here are a few other things we did today…Corey and I took an auto to Cyber Hub and got some work done at Starbucks, we washed clothes, had dinner out with Rose and tried prawn and mutton, discussed the absurd usage of electricity and water by the city of Gurgaon after having spent almost the entire day without electricity and water at the house (both have come back on since, and the water is controlled by an electric water pump, so that’s why that goes out with the electricity), made lots of observations about everything we saw, went to Ambience mall which is where we got groceries and met up with Kanta who gave us a good exchange rate on our money, and now we are going to do another Bible Study before we sleep! It was a good, full day with close friends, serving and preparing to serve, and I couldn’t be more thankful for my present moment. God is so good.