Day 4

Monday. We began our day with yoga, devotions, and breakfast. Then, Corey and I walked down to the neighborhood market where we bought watermelon and mangoes. 

Then, we started our big adventure of heading into Old Delhi to find a bookstore I had found online that sells educational posters that we needed to buy for the school I'll be working at soon. We went with Anil, our employee and translator, who was a great help in getting around at cheap rates and also a big help at the bookstore. Using google maps and the Delhi Metro app, it wasn't too difficult to find where we needed to go, but it felt like a long, laborious process to get there. Even so, I'm thankful for public transportation that allowed us to take private auto rickshaws, the metro, a shared auto, and an Uber during the various phases of our trip into Delhi. You never know how productive a trip will be, as you sometimes have to just show up and see what will happen, but our trip was super productive! We found laminated maps and posters about moral stories, charts of fruits and vegetables and which vitamins they contain, labeled in both Hindi and English, charts of animals, plants, geography, the alphabet, the Hindi syllabary, and more. We got a lot of posters! We were so thankful to the generous individuals who donated money to the Academy for GOD's school supplies drive, which made the purchasing of these posters possible.

After we went to the very busy Sadar Bazaar to find that bookstore, we headed over to Connought Place for lunch. Connought Place is a very nice shopping center in Delhi that is in big white buildings that the British used as their headquarters when they were stationed here before the 1950s after having colonized India. We ate delicious Indian food and enjoyed trying a few new dishes.

When we returned home, we had a wonderful Bible Study about Genesis 1 led by Beka about how God created the world and how human beings are to image him. It was a great day!