Hello from Toronto!

This morning my dear friend, Corey Foster, and I departed out of Nashville, heading to Delhi for 6 weeks!

During my time in India I'll be managing a couple different projects. My main role is to facilitate a trip for 4 students (Corey's one of them!) from The Institute for G.O.D. Int'l who are on an immersion trip. These students have all had experiences in 3rd world countries, and they're studying the Bible and development work in preparation for full-time ministry. I'm very excited and honored to be leading their trip! 

I'll teach regular Bible studies, take them on site visits in Delhi and surrounding cities, and guide them through completing their own service projects. This trip will help students develop a deeper awareness of the overwhelming challenges faced by many in India, and learn more of how God's word offers a particular way to address these issues. It's going to be a wonderful time! Please be praying for us. We can't do anything (that will last) in our own strength. 

Stay tuned for more updates!

Oh, and Toronto airport = super nice 😮