Rylan and Grace became involved in G.O.D. International right after high school (Rylan 2003 and Grace 2005). They were married in 2006 and have had 3 children with number 4 on the way! Ezrah (2007), Zuri (2009), Judah Love (2011), and 4th is expected August 2014.

Rylan has worked full time with MCH as a Home Improvement specialist since 2011. In addition, he teaches Hebrew and biblical values at G.O.D. Elementary, and Introduction to Biblical Hebrew at the Institute for G.O.D. Though you’d think his head is buried in ancient language books, he also loves to skateboard, and is building a skatepark for the Hopewell Neighborhood.

When not bustling around her own children, Grace is bustling around others--with patience and creativity unmatched. Grace is a preschool teacher at G.O.D Int'l Preschool.

Together, both Grace and Rylan serve on the East Africa Team.