The Safety and Security Committee

We need your help to keep our campus safe and secure! Please read and implement the following rules to maintain safety and security on our grounds. Thank you!

Campus Hours

The grounds of the Campus of G.O.D. International close at dusk.  

This includes, but is not limited to:

basketball court
athletic field

Note: Campus visitors are not permitted to be in Academy recess areas during school hours. Recess areas are for Academy students, faculty, and visitors approved by the administration.

After-Hours Violations

If you see youth or visitors on campus after dusk:

  1. Inform them that the campus is closed.  
  2. Take a photo of them if they do not begin leaving immediately.
  3. Inform the youth that you are alerting the Safety Commission of their violation of the campus hours.


After-hours violations by youth:

  1. The first after-hours violation will result in a youth not being allowed on campus for 1 week
  2. The 2nd violation will result in not being allowed on campus for 1 month, and parent(s) will be notified
  3. The 3rd will result in official action with police