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Sara Giguere

Age: 19

Home Town:

Paragould, Arkansas

Why do you want to go on this Internship? 

I have actually wanted to go on this internship since I first found out about it, in eight grade. I felt God calling me to go this summer, so here I am!

What skills or gifts do you have to offer on this Internship?

I hope my attitude can be a gift, and some of my studies of God's word that I have been blessed with. I am great with kids and love to help them/people learn!

How can people be praying for you?

Finances have always been a scary thing, but I know that the Lord wants me to go on this trip! Prayers also for preparation, I want to have as much scripture written on my heart before the internship. I want the Lord to be my strength this summer for the things I am going to encounter.

What is your favorite Biblical scripture, and why?

There are soooo many good scriptures! Right now it would be Romans 5:3-5. It is my favorite because I know when times are rough or exhausting, that it is going to create character that will instill hope for others. However, it also challenges me and keeps me accountable to persevere through those challenging times, rather than giving up.