The education system in the Philippines is less than sufficient and many kids fall through the cracks primarily because of their needs at home. We have been working closely with a young man named Ayok--an 18-year-old in the 4th grade, all because of problems at home that eventually led him to drop out.  An after school program like the one we’re facilitating allows us to help kids like Ayok before they are too discouraged to continue in school.  

Youth frequent our community center, coming every afternoon to receive tutoring, music lessons and other enrichment activities. Without this kind of investment, pure boredom or lack of options can lead to illicit behavior. We are happy to provide kids with healthy outlets to have fun and make friends in a hospitable, safe place.  Providing children with a healthy outlet for fun and fellowship is important for any youth culture where boredom can lead to poor behavior.  We offer a hospitable, safe environment for young people to develop friendships, receive academic support, and learn skills.