There are few, if any, moments more memorable than holding your firstborn baby for the first time. Help us ensure new families get started off with the best maternal health care available in the Tacloban City area.  

In the Philippines, 13 mothers die every day from pregnancy-related complications, and so we acknowledge maternal and infant health to be a priority, particularly among the more impoverished communities where we work. Women don't have the education or resources to choose the correct nutritional options for themselves and their children. Both mother and child suffer as a result, particularly in the vulnerable moments surrounding birth. 

Our co-laborer, Rina Miller, assists in a nearby birth clinic, The Cumpio Clinic. The clinic consists of well-trained midwives, a sanitary facility, and educational programs to assist expectant mothers preparing to deliver healthy babies. Your gift can ensure that both child and mother receive the kind of care and resources necessary surrounding the vulnerable birth process.