When Seth and Kristina moved to Nashville to be a part of G.O.D. International in 2008, they came as a family - their daughters, Elliott Claire (2005) and Fiona Jane (2008), joined the organization along with them. Since that time, Seth has become the Director of Agriculture and runs G.O.D.'s Nashville community garden, "Hopewell Gardens." He teaches biointensive agriculture both here in the U.S., and in Uganda. His passion for sustainable, ethical agricultural practice is rooted in his desire to serve in East Africa.

Kristina spends her time assisting in the Language Arts program at the The Academy for G.O.D., as well as being a mother of four. She also enjoys writing and editing for the Journalism Team, and occasionally attending births as a NOVA doula. In 2011, her birth to Dominic Joshua was included in an internationally released childbirth documentary.