The Need

The United States isn’t the only place plagued by pesticides and chemicals. In East Africa, where nearly a third of the economy is made up of agricultural workers, pesticides wreak havoc on farmers, and further chemicals and smoke emitted by unsafe kitchens slowly steal the health of mothers cooking meals, and their children watching. This issue is so rampant that a child in East Africa is 2.5 times more likely to die from indoor smoke inhalation than from malaria!

Our Response 

We combat this threat to life by introducing neighbors and friends to innovative growing and cooking methods that preserve their health, without adding any additional expense to their income! Every week, Reuben Ndwiga, Simon Njeru and John Gatanga facilitate educational demonstrations on the creation of double-dug garden beds, the use of organic pest control, and maximizing space for growing crops--making for healthier food production methods, but also healthier people! They also build rocket stoves for families and instruct them on how to use and maintain them--creating the possibility for clean cooking, but also a clean bill of health!

How You Can Help

You can help provide the materials for a rocket stove or the education regarding growing more food and creating organic pesticides --giving a gift not just of good food and a good place to cook, but health!