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Family is really cool. Hopefully, everyone gets one... but there's that time after leaving home, and before you share one with your spouse, where you can stay out as late as you need, and function sufficiently the next day with a minimal amount of sleep; where you have to only pay for you, and ask yourself whether or not you can go. It's that magical time in life called being "single."



Singles' Events

Singles comprise about one-third of our community. We help provide opportunities for these guys to enjoy each other and develop lasting friendships. Over the years several activities for the singles demographic have emerged, below are some of the more frequent.


Singles Retreat

The boys and girls get away from the busy-ness, and get real about life. The weekend is focused on forming friendships, addressing relevant issues, and growing in our relationship with the Lord and others.


A gigantic fire, friends, songs, the Word, and smores... need I rhyme mores?

Morning Prayer Times

Every weekday morning, the singles gather together to engage God in prayer; to seek direction, ask for strength, and gather focus.


Bible Study at Center Street

Everyone's invited. This event is facilitated by our singles for people in the greater Nashville area to worship the Lord, have a time of prayer, and get direction for the many, daily issues that arise at work, in our relationships, and along the way. 

Masquerade Ball and Other Dance Parties

Singles need appropriate venues for having a good time. Though we can be light in a dark world, sometimes the dark is a little too dark... literally, all kinds of creeps put their hands all over you! Not at our dance parties, the lights are up a bit. :-)


Coffee and

Everyone thinks they're a Barista these days. Same case here. However, leave some room for theology, issues of poverty, and plans for a better world and you've got a conversation.

Friday Nights

Too diverse to explain in a paragraph, Friday nights are spontaneous, economical, and meaningful. (As long as people aren't at work. Then it's all of the above, with a few people.)

Trampoline Dodgeball
and other odd outings.

Blood, sweat, tears, injuries, soreness the following day, awkward odors, all of the components for a memorable outing a few times a year. Recently, people went spelunking.

I enjoy coming together with my friends at these events to build our relationships with each other through times of service, worship, and other activities culminating in meaningful conversations. These events also remind me of the Lord’s faithfulness through his provision of good friends and the continual revelation of who he is.
— S. Price