Skylar has been working with the ministry since 2002 after he went on his first internship.  Amanda moved to Tennessee from Minnesota in 2004, the inaugural year of the Institute.  They were married in March of 2005.  Together, they have four children Malachi (2008), Caden (2009), Anayah (2011) and Zane (2013).

Skylar works for the organization in the realm of information technology.  He is also developing skills in the area of alternative energies. In December of 2012 he helped lead a project to install a complete solar powered system for a cooperative family in Uganda.

Amanda is not only a great mother, she also functions as the G.O.D. Elementary school nurse.  In addition, she assists with various health needs to those within the community all the while working part time in the emergency room at Summit Medical Center in Hermitage, TN as a registered nurse. She has been developing her emergency response skills to handle the issues that will inevitably be present in East Africa.