What is the aim of summer tutoring?

This service offers students, one-on-one time with an Academy teacher to focus on a given subject. Four two-week sessions are scheduled this summer, specifically tailored to students who fall into one of the following four categories:

  1. Current Academy for G.O.D. students that did not meet 75% or more of their benchmarks throughout the 2016-2017 school year.
  2. Current Academy for G.O.D. students that received a recommendation from a teacher in a given subject.(Recommendations are given when a student did not meet benchmarked expectations within the year, and likely needs more time with the subject matter to stay on pace.)
  3. Students who will be new to the Academy for G.O.D. in the fall of 2017 and did not achieve the minimum entrance exam score based on their age appropriate level.
  4. Students who have anxiety or lack confidence in reading, writing, and/or math.

Over the course of a tutoring session, students will achieve competency in specific areas.  The following skills rubric outlines what skills they will learn and advance in, based upon their age and subject matter.  

What subjects are offered?

The tutoring program will address the core academic subjects of Math, Reading, and Writing. Please refer to the chart at the bottom of this document for a detailed description of what a student needs to master by the end of the their level, for these 3 subjects.

How many tutoring sessions are available and what are the dates?

There are 4 sessions available throughout the course of the summer. Each session is two- weeks long according to the following dates:

Session 1: June 5 - 16

Session 2: June 19 - 30

Session 3: July 3 - 14

Session 4: July 17- 28

How much does the summer tutoring program cost?

Tutoring costs $30 per hour (lesson) with a minimum commitment of 2 hours / lessons.

How and when do we pay?

Session payments must be received in full before the 2-week session commences.  Your payment will cover the hourly rate for the entirety of the session.  There are no refunds.  Cash, check, or online payment are acceptable.

How many tutoring lessons can my child receive each week, throughout the 2-week tutoring session?

There is a 2 hour / $60 minimum.  Hours may be split up over the course of the 2-week session with a minimum of 1 hour each week and a maximum of 3 hours each week.  Each tutoring lesson will be 1 hour.

Who will facilitate the tutoring?

Academy teachers, qualified to teach the subject matter requested, will facilitate the tutoring lessons.  

How do I apply?

Please complete our online application for the summer tutoring program and an administrator will be in contact with you to set up your tutoring lesson days and times.

Where will tutoring take place?   

All tutoring lessons will take place in the Academy for G.O.D. school building located at 401 Center St., Old Hickory, TN 37138.

What happens if we miss a tutoring lesson due to sickness or vacation?  Do we still have to pay or can that time be made up?

Please notify us at 615.722.7107 within 24 hours of your tutoring lesson if you’ll need to miss.  We will do our best to find an alternate time to make up that lesson.  

As a parent can I stay on site during the tutoring lesson?

Yes, parents/guardians may stay on sight in our school administrative office during tutoring lessons.

What supplies does my child need to bring with him/her to their tutoring session?

Students should bring a notebook and a writing utensil with them to each tutoring lesson.  If any additional supplies are needed, your child’s tutor will make that known prior to each tutoring lesson.