2018 Summer Internship

June 8th - July 21st 2018

The trip of a lifetime.
A chance to discern the call of God on your life.


The Genesis of Something Nu is a theological revisit to God's ideal beginning and a hopeful vision casting of what our world could be like subject to his order, and his life giving direction. Join us on a 7-week educational experience where the word of God meets opportunities to serve some of the most beautiful people you'll ever meet, all over the world, demonstrating the love of God.


The Global Internship is a special 40-day experience with the Lord. This year, summer interns will travel to El Salvador, Uganda or both.

In both regions, interns will work alongside trained development workers and G.O.D. Int'l cooperatives to offer Bible teaching, health care services, youth camps, sports clinics, agriculture and building projects, children's education and women's health training. In the process, interns will learn about the plight of the poor while being guided through what the Bible has to say about it. 

Internship will close with a time of debriefing where interns will be given the opportunity to process their experiences together. This time is facilitated by experienced staff members who have spent decades serving the poor in ministry. They will continue with intentional times of worship and Bible Study as they seek God's will for their lives.  


2018 Internship Information

Dates: June 8th-July 21st 2018

Location: Nashville + El Salvador + Uganda (Global) OR Nashville + El Salvador (Western) 

Age Requirement: 17+ (Must be at least a senior in High School to apply)

This internship is now IN SESSION! You can read our interns' journeys below... 

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