2018 Summer Internship

June 8th - July 21st 2018

The trip of a lifetime. 
A chance to discern the call of God on your life.
The opportunity to make a difference. 

SLAM offers a 7-week internship that has been known to shake the lives of all participants. Get ready for an adventure! Internship begins in Nashville with an intensive 2 week introduction to your team, the world in need, and God's great concern for us to take responsibility for it. Interns will participate in daily Bible study, worship and prayer which will prepare them for the depth of service they are about to give.

This year, summer interns will travel TOGETHER to El Salvador and Uganda. The Global Internship is a special 40 day experience with the Lord. 

In both regions, summer interns will work alongside trained development workers and G.O.D. Int'l cooperatives to offer Bible teaching, health care, kids and sports camps, agriculture and building projects, children's education and women's health training. Interns will come face-to-face with poverty in a way that very few people do. They won't just see the third world from the window of the bus, they will hold hands with the poor, and learn about their every day lives.

Internship will close with a time of debriefing where interns are guided through what they experienced by staff members who've spent decades involved in service to the poor. They will continue with intensive worship and Bible Study as they seek God's will for their lives.  

Internship Information

Dates: June 8th-July 21st 2018
*Dates may change as they are based on plane ticket availability and participant options. 

Location: Nashville + El Salvador + Uganda
*An abbreviated Western option is available that is Nashville + El Salvador. 

Age Requirement: 17+ (Must be at least a senior in High School to apply)

Passport: A passport must be obtained by all participants 8 weeks prior to trip. If you need to renew your passport it can be done online (click here – Passport Renewal).

Applications Due: january 15th 2018





December 15th: $500 Deposit

January 19th: $1000
*If you sign up after January, $100 will be added every month to account for increased cost related to airline tickets closer to travel dates. 

February 20th: $1000 ($750 Western)

March 20th: $1000 ($750 Western)

April 20th: $1000 ($295 final Western Payment)

May 18th: $495 Final Payment


Health Information for Uganda

Health Information for El Salvador


Cost includes airfare, ground transport (excluding travel to and from home), food, media, and admin fees.


Unable to travel internationally? See if interning at our headquarters in TN would work for you.