Taylor and Heather were married in 2007 and they now have two sons: Ajay Paul (2009) and Gift Shalom (2012).  The couple began serving with G.O.D. International in 2008 after their internship with the organization.  The Mautes are committed to serving in India and are both pursuing Missiology degrees at the Institute for G.O.D. International.

After several years of experience as a mechanic, Taylor opened a mobile-auto mechanic service called The Car Guy in 2011.  Taylor is well-known in the Nashville auto-network for his ethical work, people-centered approach to auto-mechanics, and unique service as a mobile mechanic. His skill in mechanics and his experience in running a small business are invaluable for our India Regional Team’s development work in North India.

Heather has a passion for second language acquisition, and teaches Hindi at the Institute for G.O.D. International. She also helps plan and execute organizational fundraising.