The Need

Millions of children in India do not complete primary school because of the absence of basic needs: bathrooms, classroom supplies, and absent teachers just to name a few. More than half of Indian schools lack a functional girl's toilet. Three-fourths don’t have access to drinking water. For 25% of Indian students, they show up each day to teacher-less classrooms.

Our Response

Aquatic School opened its doors last Spring. Aquatic staff are passionate about offering a quality education to youth, but as a new school they lack many teaching aids and classroom supplies. Their classrooms are bursting with eager students whose families hope for a better future for their children. Yet current facilities are inadequate. GOD India has an official partnership with Aquatic School  to support the education of these students, many of whom are from impoverished migrant families.

How You Can Help 

Please help us in this foundational time of Aquatic to provide facility improvements, classroom equipment and continued education opportunities for teachers.