The Need

Millions of children in India do not complete primary school because of the absence of basic needs: bathrooms, classroom supplies, and absent teachers just to name a few. More than half of Indian schools lack a functional girl's toilet. Three-fourths don’t have access to drinking water. For 25% of Indian students, they show up each day to teacher-less classrooms.

Our Response

A year ago we entered into a partnership with a new startup school, Aquatic Public, located in the slum next to our neighborhood. We have hosted teacher training conferences for their staff, sent classroom supplies and administrative tools, and provided facility renovations. Having helped the school meet some of their most pressing needs, we are now focusing on strengthening the school’s administration with qualified teachers that can maintain appropriate teacher:student ratios. We are also eager to support the tuition of many impoverished migrant families who are unable to make regular payments.

How You Can Help 

Please help us in this foundational time of Aquatic to develop a strong core of skilled teachers, and enable local families to send their children to receive a valuable education.