“There are so many women here who have no idea about their own bodies and especially pregnancy. It’s like a nightmare to most of us. I feel that the concept of pregnancy in India should change and I’ll be more than happy if it starts from just me.”
— Sneha Purti

The Need

The birth of a child should be a joyous event for every family. But for many poor in India, it's just not the case. India’s infant mortality rate is 7 times greater than the United States. Its maternal mortality rate is 12 times greater. The World Health Organization estimates that at least 75% of these deaths are preventable with basic education and trained birth attendants.

Our Response 

We are developing an online program to train maternal and infant health workers. These videos and homework assignments offer Indian women an introduction to the history of childbirth practices, reproductive anatomy and physiology, and the fundamentals of prenatal and postnatal care. Sneha Purti, who works with our organization in India, is the first recipient of this training, and is enthusiastic about all she has learned. In addition to online training we have sent experts in childbirth education, lactation and midwifery, to offer ongoing support to local mothers and healthcare providers.

How You Can Help 

These statistics of infant and maternal deaths are daunting, but we cannot let them continue. With a skilled birth attendant at her side during labor, the chances of a mother, or her baby, dying in childbirth is greatly minimized. There are women in India eager to make a difference. They need education, basic equipment and supplies in order to serve. You can take up this cause to invest in maternal health workers, so that they can appropriately welcome each new child born.