Ty first connected with the organization in 2001 and moved to Nashville to serve with the organization in 2005. Meg enrolled as an Institute student in 2006. Ty and Meg were married in 2009 and have one son, Jayden, born in 2011.

Ty is the National Director for Students Living a Mission. He coordinates youth groups from around the country to serve on mission trips in the U.S.

Meg has been working within the realm of maternal health since 2009.  She received her certification for childbirth education in 2011 and pursued her doula and breastfeeding counseling certifications shortly after.  Currently, she is working as an Administrative Assistant with NOVA Birth Services and as an apprentice to a Certified Professional Midwife. She hopes to become a midwife in the next few years and utilize those life saving skills in order to help the mothers and babies in the Philippines.