Our teachers and instructors have years of experience in the classroom as well as in professional worship leading, songwriting, audio recording, and more. The Worship Arts Certification makes use of both full time teaching staff as well as guest lecturers. You will have the opportunity to train under people who are currently involved in worship ministry and in the music industry here in Nashville. 



Gregg has been leading worship for over 20 years. He has toured nationally and internationally as the frontman of the Christian band UnNamed Servant. He is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist and is proficient on a number of other instruments. Gregg works in ministry full time as the leader of Global Outreach Developments Int'l.



Former front man of The Swift, Britt Edwards has experience in the ins and outs of the Christian music industry since 1997 and knows how to navigate them. In addition, he is an accomplished producer and recording and mixing engineer as the lead engineer for Center Street Recording Studios. In addition to being a vocalist, Britt plays piano, guitar, and bass. Britt's years of experience in Christian music coupled with his love for God make him an invaluable resource to our team. 



Chris is an audio engineer at Center Street Recording Studios. He is also an experienced live sound engineer. He has been playing guitar in various worship projects since he was a teenager, most recently as the electric guitar player for the Collective since 2010. As the head of marketing for CSRS, Chris' has an in-depth knowledge of social-media platforms, an invaluable asset for musicians in today's industry. Of our faculty, he would best fit the term "techie," with the know-how to utilize appropriate audio and video technology in worship. 



Former bass player for the band Daily Planet, Seth Davis is also an accomplished worship leader. After his stint with Daily Planet and before moving to Nashville, Seth led worship at (name of Church (s)). These days he spends most of his time in the garden here at G.O.D., and organic venture with qualities that carry over into his honest songwriting skills based in his love of God and the Word. 



Steph is a talented and experienced vocalist, comfortable in the world of both lead vocals and harmonies. A worship leader, singer, and pianist, she is well rounded in her musical knowledge and passionate in her desire to lead people to encounter the Lord in times of worship.  



Hailing from Hawaii, Leafa has a passion for all things worship. She is a spiritual individual who values prayer and time in the Word as essential components for a worship leader, or for the life of any believer for that matter. She is a songwriter, guitarist, drummer, and percussionist as well as a recording artist.