This summer, SLAM will host a 7-week, intensive, Worship Arts Internship
at Center Street Recording Studios, IN NASHVILLE, TN. 

We've all made goals to improve at whatever it is we do. For artists, this could range from improving your technique, to expanding your tonal pallet, to writing new songs, or recording the ones you've finished. The problem for most of us, is the lack of accountability between creating the goal and accomplishing it. What it is we'd like to become is often a journey that needs the help of a guide, and the time to accomplish the task. 

This summer, we want to offer you both the time and guidance
to take that next step in your artistry. 

7 weeks is about 50 days to set aside to the crafting of your gift, and you wouldn't do it alone, but you would have the guidance of professionals who are both skilled and experienced. 


Interns will gain experience in leading worship, music performance and music theory, while at the same time gleaning the skills necessary to form biblically-sound lyrical content. Through offering in-depth bible studies and conversations on relevant issues, we want musicians to leave both musically capable and spiritually inspired. Through facilitating times for interns to lead worship in a variety of venues, we will help them ensure they can create a quality worship experience, no matter the setting. 

Throughout the internship, participants will gain instruction in every aspect of creating quality worship experiences, facilitated by professionals in the field. This includes leading worship, instrumentation, studio production, live sound, audio/visuals and more. Alongside studying the aspects of worship arts, interns will develop their own band with whom they will produce a worship album and facilitate worship for student camps and churches. 

Interns have the option of fulfilling the full 7-week internship in Nashville, or fulfilling the second half of it in the Philippines. The international experience will give participants an even greater breadth of worship venues, and allow them to get a glimpse of the role of music in the healing and restoration of suffering people. Interns will help teach music to kids at a community center and help a band to record their very first record.


Dates: June 6th through July 26th* 

*Dates may change slightly based on participant availability

The following courses will be covered throughout the Internship: 

Music and the Bible, Music Theory, Band Dynamics and Improvisation, Charting and Notation, Live Production and Media, Studio Dynamics and Technique, Songwriting and Arranging. 


The Worship Arts Internship is facilitated by staff from Center Street Recording Studios, Students Living a Mission, and Global Outreach Development's Int'l. Each individual you will work with has a passion for the Lord and his Word that accompanies their love for music. Worship Arts Interns will get to work side-by-side with experienced worship leaders and receive invaluable training from individuals who have worked professionally as recording and live sound engineers, audio/visual technicians, and musicians. For biographic information on facilitators click here.   

Internship Cost


7-Week Nashville Internship - $3,000 

7-Week International Internship (4 weeks in Nashville, 3 weeks in the Philippines)- $5,200

Nashville Payment Schedule:

March 1st - $500 (non-refundable deposit) 

April 15th - $1,000

May 15th - $1,000 

June 1st - $500 

International Payment Schedule 

March 1st - $500 (non-refundable deposit) 

April 15th - $2,000

May 15th - $2,000

June 1st - $700

All costs include Housing, Travel (excluding initial and final travel to and from Nashville), Meals (5 days per week in the States, every day abroad), and costs associated with educational activities that are part of the internship curriculum. 

We are accepting applications for the following positions: Drums, Percussion, Bass, Keys, Guitars, Vocals/Leading, Sound Engineer, Lighting Technician, A/V Engineer, Photographer, and Videographer. You must be 17 or older to apply.