Language Arts Review

Written By: Mrs. Alyssa Kurtz

Over the past few weeks’ students have been working on developing their critical reading and writing skills as they’ve explored more technical subjects such as the History of Fireworks, and the inner workings of robotic technology. In their times of reading students have been focusing on accurately answering text-based questions, and encouraged to consider how these technologies have evolved over time, and how they affect their every day lives.

In our robotics unit, students explored the importance of effective communication. Students learned how Robots are programmed with highly detailed pre-determined instructions, and how the slightest change of wording creates a different outcome. Students were then able to experiment with their own writing, and see how as they manipulated their own set of written instructions (to be more or less specific), their classmate's actions would change. Student’s were able to revise their work to get their desired outcomes.

This was a fun exercise for students while also learning the components and process for producing well-written instructions: defining terms, properly ordering steps, considering important variables, and revising their work for accuracy.